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It’s finally friday, the first "back to work" week is almost gone (yeah!!), I really hope that this weekend the weather will be nice, I need to relax poolside and get some tan. I’m missing lots of posts from my favourite blogs because I can’t read them from here, that’s another “to do” this weekend, check and enjoy all of your blogs.

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The morning is gone quite quickly as I was chatting with 2 of my colleagues about , summer, wishes, plans , and fashion!! We took the Elle test that Iole post here last week, it’s a q/a test about your style and it’s very funny and interestng to do with my collegues since we’re very very different, with different styles and ideas about fashion shopping and life. R. loves to wear natural warm palette, ethnic jewelery , silk and cotton tops or dresses, ballerina flats and totes. C. is a classic girl who loves navy and blue or cold tones, designer bags , jeans and pants with designer shoes, silver Tiffany jewels & pearls. Both girls are perfect in their styles and daily wears , never too much and never with a wrong look!! I’ve added 2-3 more questions than Iole post..enjoy !!

My fashion icon I don’t have one, I like to mix different icons styles, like Erin Wasson, Brigitte Bardot, hippies and 70’s rock stars, Jane Birkin, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie , so probably the perfect muse would be Elle McPherson.

My palette in winter is almost totally black with some touch of grey, silver or browns; in summer I wear lots of white, gold, bronze, greens, florals and prints. I almost never wear blue, red or orange.

I start dressing from mood and how do I feel, I usualy start from accessories and shoes, but when I’m in hurry I opt for a simply white top to pair with easy pieces and statement accessories.

My day outfit flowing dresses with flats sandals, belt, a mix of jewelery (moslty gold), my signature scent and natural make up, sunglasses and one of my fav bags , lately I wear a lot the Vert d’eau Balenciaga and a tan Gucci New Jackie.

My evening outfit heels or wedges, embellished kaftan tunics or tops, some sparkles, metallic make up, lots of black & gold, simple tops with vintage waistcoat, statement jewelery and small bags as a vintage mini Chanel or black first Balenciaga.

My latest purchase white and black basic loose fit tees, a black swimsuit and a new pair of Havaianas in sand & gold.

Never without a smile, sunglasses ,sunscreen, lipbalm or lipgloss ,a bag, mascara, blackberry & credit cards.

What to avoid Fur, “it trends” , wear something like a shop window mannequin, head to toe designer, tailleurs or suits, chipped nail polish, be boring, copycat.

Always be feminine , wear my fav scent, wear great underwear, feel free and unique and wear natural fibres.

Jewelery a mix of ethnic gypsy semi precious stones,natural materials, long layered necklaces , turquiose and coral earrings.

Accessories bags, I can’t go out without carrying a bag, sunglasses I wear 90% af the times Ray-Ban aviators , belts, scarves.

My dream live on the beach in a small white cottage, have a small boat and work from home making something creative and helpful, wearing silk kaftans and flipflops, drinking iced tea and enjoy sun sea & music.

I save from my closet everything!!!

Fashion is a dream a way to express my self and to express my mood and my emotions.

Beauty all the make up and beauty products that I use must be cruelty free and natural , I use Lush or Body Shop products for my body & hair, Benefit & Cargo for makeup , Narciso Rodriguez eau de parfum and now I’m using Dior Escale à Portofino that smells so good and fresh. I always wear natural polishes and natural lip colors hate dark shades on me.

Summer suitcase bikinis that I never wear paired, Havaians, cotton or linen dresses, embellished sandals for night, straw fedora , tons of sunscreen, ipod , vintage jeans jacket, clutch and a Kerouac book.

See you on your blogs, don’t forget to check the winner of the Chickdowntown giveaway (you’ve time till tomorrow to enter) on sunday. Have a great funny relaxed sexy happy weekend!! Peace