The Wang Factor!!

New Goth velvet lace dark the collection totally me .. well done Mr.Wang!

Alexander Wang FW 10/11

Rag & Bone FW 10/11

perfect collection, very weareable so comfy .. adore it!!

Bye Alexander..

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen (1969 - 2010)

I still don't know what to write, too shocked to belive that a genius a real treasure of our times is gone.
My idol , the only one Alexander, the only one the only genius , a real great talent. McQueen is like Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Beethoven , nobody will ever take his place. Only McQueen can make McQueen. He's gone too soon too tragic, why?
I hope that now he is lighting up a place that deserves a person like him, we are just humans and probably we don't deserve him amoung us.

May he rest and have the peace he needs..I'll miss you forever.

That is the kind of news I don't want to know, now , yesterday, tomorrow, why Alexander? Earth was not enough for you? I was not here when some of my "heroes" died and unfortunatly I was here when some others passed away. I've never cried when a member of my family has died, I always feel my heart broken when a genius and heroes an icon somebody that has changed us in someways die. I'm always worried to read "these" news about some of them..rock stars actors writers,.why we feel so bad when this happens? I don't want to be here when this will happens again, and it will be we all know. Alexander Mc Queen has just left an huge hole in our culture and life, it's not only about fashion this is pure art. Nobody will ever replace him, like nobody will replace Kurt, Janis, River, Michael, Farrah..and how many others? too many gone too soon.

Winner & Award

Congrats to MAGGIE BLABS she's the winner of the Birthday Clutch Giveaway!!

I wish to thank all of you for visiting and commenting my blog, you really make me so happy I love to read your words, I hope I can have a new giveaway stay tuned!

I've received an award from ROCK AND REVOLUTION

I'm so honored and happy, Rock and Revolution is a truly inspiring blog to read, check it I'm sure you'll love it!!

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I pick just 4 because it's my fav number and it's such a perfect number!!

SS 2010 : Recent Buys & Wish List

recent buys from Asos and Jeffrey Campbell shoes (loooove the clogs!!) from Lori's shoes

wishlist @Asos

wishlist @Net a Porter

wishlist @Urban Outfitters UK

bags wishlist @ Asos