Happy Feet

It's almost Christmas and here in Milan it's freezing cold!! I guess that we'll have a snowy Xmas..just in time to wear cozy UGG ..but be stylish too! The perfect combination would be Sequined short UGG, the right size to wear with everything, blacks are my fav..what do you think?! RABANSER has a great selection of classic Sequined UGG..check them out..you'll love it!!


..since I'm not enough brave I'll stick to my beloves Classic Short UGG in Chocolate..I'd wear them with everything ..happy feet!!

Christmas Wish LIst...Sorta

I'm quite ready to start the new Holiday Season, this year I guess  won't spend a minute to pick unuseful present for anybody, I'll ask and buy..no romance at all but 100% satisfaction guaranted!! For me it'll be easy..I just want everything..no ok just kiddin' but there're so many cute, cozy, chic things I want that it would bevery easy to get me a present...so here my wish list..Santa please don't fool with my Xmas!!

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