5 Questions

Today I’m back in office after 3 months, it’s such a hard day and I rather prefer to stay at home than be here but I have to, so I’ll try to use this time to blog , since is one of the things that makes me happy!! I’ve found this 5 questions post on a very interesting and pretty blog Under The Sheets-shhh so I’ve decited that was the right post for today. The rule is easy, post the questions on your blog then comment back to me so I can read and link you.

The 5 questions are:

1) What topic would you write your book about?
2) What is one of your guilty pleasures?
3) What are some of the things you do to get yourself out of a bad mood?
4) How long do you think it will take to get the U.S. economy back on track?
5) Do you think there is a fine line between creepy and romantic?

And my 5 answers are:

1) I’ve always wanted to write a book about my life, not just an autobiography but a novel about my “non common” life. If I was a famous person probably I’d have paparazzi & journalists around all the time but not for me but for my weird and full of drama family!! I’m not a special person I’ve always tried to live in the most normal way possible, but my “life” happened to be full of surprises and I’m not afraid to say not good surprises. I’m not going to write here the book, but just to give you a sneak preview of my life I can reassume everything in few lines..I was born on the 29 of april 1976 and the same moment I was coming to this world a total eclipse of the sun were happening in the sky!! My dad always say that the sun wanted to hide himself because a new star was coming….I don’t really belive in “paranormal” or esoteric things, horoscopes spells and other stuff like that but I’m 100% sure that the eclipse has changed and influenced my life in some ways. From that day so many things have happened to my life weird funny bad good tragic..like most of us of course but I can absolutely say that there is always a kind of mistery or “magic” in all of those things. Now after 33 years, things are going very bad I’ve always had those periods, very unbeliveable amazing great periods or awful ones never had a “balance” between nice or good..who knows why?! So I’d love to write a book about those facts and maybe one day I will..to support my “theory” I have to admit even if I really don’t really belive it, one day ,not a particular one, while I was living in London I was just walking around in Covent Garden and I found my self walking into a “magic” shop, it was a very little shop that sells spells, horoscopes magic & wiccan things , and the lady who worked there told me that I had a very strong “light” around me that I was born to make great things but that my life was going to be short and hard…ouch tnx!! Just to be even more weird I ‘ll write in my book that always in England after a rave (yes a rave with prodigy & co!) me and my best friend were walking in the woods and we saw fairies … ok we’re drunken and stoned but I still remember those fairies!!!


2) mmhhh that’s an hard one, I’ve many and they changes so quickly. Well apart from gossip sites like perez that I check daily but I forget after a minute what I’ve read , (that is one of the reason why my friends love to tell me their gossips or secrets I forget them after 2 minutes or I remember the story but I forget the person involved!!) probably my really guilty pleasure are afternoon naps!!!! I’d kill for a nap after lunch time , I’m a very lazy person but I don’t sleep very much but I adore sleeping between 3 and 5 pm isn’t that the best time to relax??

(Brilli my lovely cat!)


3) Stay alone. I need to stay by my self when I’m down or in a bad mood and I usually watch my favourite movies or listen to my favourite songs. One of the things I love to do, to try to open and clean my mind, it is grocery shopping in a new store. I prefer a new or a megastore because they’re so big and so cold that you can stay there without thinking and do your shopping in total relax and without checking your watch. I love to check every department to read labels to find new products..for some person it’s a nightmare (for example my mum she hates going grocery shopping so she “send” my dad or the maid..yes she’s has a maid even if she’s always at home…) and it’s a nightmare for me when I’m in rush there’s a long row at the checkout and it’s raining!!

4) I have no idea but it must be soon, US economy influence global economy and of course italian too. Due to this damn crisis I’m one of those person that are going through hell, I still have my job but since march I was out of office (ironically today I’m back to work after 3 months..) , me and other 150 colleagues were forced to stay at home and to use our vacation days ; so we’re “lucky” because we still have our pay, but no warraties about our job. Now I’m back, I’m sitting here in my empty office because most of my colleagues have reached a solution with our company and they left. We’re here in 5 without nothing to do, we’ve our pc, phone, and no work at all..but yes I’m lucky because I can still pay my bills. I’m very stressed and sad because my target was to have those money to leave and change finally my life; leave Milan and move to south of Italy and trying to have a more normal life without so much stress , find a job that leaves me more time for living my life. Now I’m stucked here without any clues about tomorrow. This financial crisis has to stop and the world needs to find new ways to brings our jobs back, a way that helps us, the enviroment a sustainable economy for all the countries and our lifes to be less strssed and more “liveable”. I don’t care about money ,I don’t need to be millionaire or to have great cars jewels & co I just want to be free and to pay my bills and live in a simple and honest way, that’s probably the secret that we all need to find..who cares about money anymore?? If you can chose between money and happiness what would you choose?? I’m not stopid or blind I know that money are an easy way to happiness but are not the answer.

(Into the wild)

5) yes and no. sometimes it does ; I ve dated “creepy” guys and they were the most romantic ones, and I’ve dated “normal” ones that were absolutely creepy!! I think it depends about us and our meaning of romanticism. I find too romantic person very very creepy , I love to watch romantic and sweet movies but I know that it’s a fiction, I don’t want a man that acts like Romeo.. no tnx!! Too much sweet and romantic scares me because I don’t know what to expect more, it is better to be less “sweet cuddles kisses & hugs” and to live a relationship without all those “accessories” all the time, that’s dosen’t mean that I don’t love a nice surprise or a little bit of a romantic touch sometimes but not everyay and not an overdose!! I think you can be sweet and romantic without beeing cheesy and you can be real honest funny without being creepy , just balance. Btw if I have to choose I prefer a crepy story like Dracula or a dark hero that for me are always very decadent and romantic..I’m more Tim Burton movie than Pretty woman !!

I’m very curios now to read your answers, so post them and come back!! Don’t forget the Giveaway
Good Luck!!