Dreaming is not a crime

Yesterday night a new tv series was on air Eli Stone , during summer lots of new tv series starts over here, the best are during the afternoon while I’m here in office…of course!! I’m not an huge tv fan but I like to watch tv series sometimes , the ones that makes me lough and relax, then I’ve my “cult” series as Sex & the City Friends or Will&Grace that I can watch over and over. Btw after another pointless day at work I was exausted, it’s better to be very busy than have just nothing than nothing to do; I went home and after my “take that damn day off” shower I’ve started watching the first episode of Eli Stone and you know what? I loved it!! I’ve been laughing all the time when he starts seeing George Michaels signing Faith or the children singing Freedom..brilliant!!Finally a new tv series that it’s fun, I like the “medical division” the police crime etc, but a good lough it’s always the best to relax. I can totally relate and see my self in Eli, ok I don’t see George Michael singing, (thanx God!) but sometimes I’m so involved in my day dreaming that I start to ear music, voices..no no no don’t think I’m totally crazy (just a little bit!) but don’t say that sometimes you don’t find yourself day dreaming or as I say “day tripping” and you totally go in another dimension..well I do! When I get bored I start to think and dream about everything, from daily things to do, wishes or to very impossible toughts like my academy award acceptance speech to surfing in the Fiji sea..stuff like that. That was an huge problem for me at school, it was so hard to focus because if somebody didn’t get my total attention I just got lost and start my dreams.I guess that it’s something that I’ve always done because my mum told me that when I was 2-3 I had few imaginary friends and imaginary worlds and that more that once she found me practing my “accentance speaches” in front of the mirror with a Barbie doll in one hand (preteding it was my oscar!) and her make up on. I still remember from early years at school that if one lesson was too boring I used to hide my self behind books and go in my worlds..totally crazy I know!! Well I love to escape sometimes from this world in my mind, otherwise how I’d survive to all of this s#@t??!!

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Today I’ve got this in my mail from a friend, I’ll tag all of you:

If you were a season : Summer
If you were a month: June
If you were a day of the week: Saturday
If you were a sport: Surf
If you were a school subject: Art
If you were a job: Lighthouse keeper
If you were an historical period: Ancient Greece
If you were a music genre: 70’s rock
If you were a piece of clothing: Cotton white dress
If you were a precious stone: Aquamarine
If you were a fruit: Melon

If you were an ice-cream: Coconut
If you were an holiday: Ferragosto (an holiday on the 15th of august)
If you were a country: Hawaii
If you were a planet: Moon
If you were a capital vice: Gluttony
If you were a feeling: Freedom
If you were an element: water
If you were a word: lullaby (it’s a word that a like both in english and italian lullaby=libellula)
If you were a cartoon character: Penelope Pitstop
If you were an animal: Sea creature
If you were a song: Free falling – Tom Petty
If you were a place: Beach
If you were an instrument: Triangle
If you were a band: Rolling Stones
If you were an object: Mirror
If you were a flower: Daisy
If you were a tree: Oak
If you were a book: TheNeverending Story
If you were a day time: Sunset
If you were a direction: Up
If you were a furniture: Hammock
If you were an historical figure: Homer
If you were a color: Seafoam
If you were an emotion: Daze
If you were a car: Convertible
If you were a movie: The lords of dogtown
If you were a tv series: Friends
If you were a famous man: Jim Carrey
If you were a damous woman: Brigitte Bardot
If you were a food: Fruit salad
If you were a city: San Francisco
If you were a number: 4