Recipes Bonanza


I’m hungry, I’m really starving now , it’s almost lunch time and I’m killing myself watching recipe sites and yummy food pics!! It’s a while that I don’t share a recipe with you so I’m posting some of my favourite recipes , they’re all easy to cook and perfect fot hot weather. Try them and let me know if you liked.

Parsley & Potatoes fresh salad

I love potatoes I could eat potatoes all the time, not only french fries of course, I love them boiled , grilled, baked , they’re so versatile and easy to cook, a perfect solution for quick recipes.
One of our way to cook potatoes is in salad, this recipe is Parsley & Potatoes fresh salad.
Ingridients 4 servings

1 kg patatoes (white)
Lots of parsley
Extra virgin olive oil
salt – pepper

Peel the potatoes and cut them in big pieces, put them in a steamer and let them cook for 15/20 minutes or if you prefer, boil them with the peel for 15/25 minutes and then peel and cut.
In a small jar mix 4 spoons of oil ,salt ,pepper and one spoon of vinegar , close the jar and shake it very well to mix all the ingridients. Let the potaoes cool then pour the sauce and the fresh cut pairsley, put in a fridge for 30/40 minutes before serving. You can cook this in the evening and eat for lunch and it’s a great dish to serve for picnic or summer parties. My mum sometimes add some canned tuna as a single meal, and you can add some boiled carrots.

Courgettes rolls with cheese

Another easy and quick recipe that I love very much, it takes 5 minutes to cook and taste so good!!
Ingridients 4 servings

500 gr courgettes
200-250 gr fresh goat cheese or ricotta (you can use soft spreadable cheese that you prefer)
Toasted bread
Salt and pepper

Wash the courgettes cut the top and bottom and slice them, not very thick (you need to roll a slice) grill the slices for few minutes , not too much and put them in a large plate and let them cool.
Mix in a bowl cheese, chives, pepper and a pinch of salt , if it’s too try add few drops of extra virgin oil; spread the mixture on the courgettes slices and stop the roll with a toothpick. Serve with chopped chives and some olive oil on the bread slices.

Zucchini frittata

This is the “must” dish for summer, my mum’s one is divine, she also cooks the “mini zucchini frittata” , so yummy and a great finger food!!
Ingridients 4 servings

300 gr crougettes (zucchine -try to find small ones , they cook better ans faster)
4 eggs
50-70 gr of grated parmesan cheese
1 spoon extra virgin olive oil
salt – pepper

wash and cut is “discs” the crougettes, fry in hot oil until they’re golden brown. Put them in a plate with absorbent paper to take off the excess of oil. In a bowl mix eggs parmesan a pinch of salt and pepper, sometimes I add a pinch of saffron too to give a nice yellow color. Add the crougettes to the eggs and stir a little bit then fry it in a large frypan with some hot olive oil , the oil must always be very hot. When the sides of the “frittata” are cooked and gold turn the frittata on the other side, you can use another plate to do it. When the frittana is well cooked let it cool on a plate, it’s better to serve it warm or if you want you can cut it in dices and serve it cold as appetizer or mix the dices in a salad.

Salame al cioccolato (chocolate salami)

In all my childhood parties the thing that I can always remember is the “salame al cioccolato”, every mum has her own recipe and it’s a classic of our cuisine and tradition. It’s a very easy “cake” that don’t need owen but only fridge. I love it , my recipe is:

Ingridients 4-6 servings

200-250 gr of “dry” cookies (don’t use butter cookies or digestive)
150-170 gr of butter
100 gr sugar
2 egg yolks
75-80 gr of powder cocoa
50gr of peeled almonds
2-3 spoons of rum

crumble the cookies , I prefer small pieces but you can crumble them in the size that you prefer, but don’t make a “powder” of cookies. Cut the almonds in small slices or dices. In a mix bowl add eggs yokes and half of sugar and whip until it become light yellow and it’s get soft, add the melted butter , cocoa, rum and the rest of sugar, stir and mix very well to get a smoth mixture.
Add the cookies and almonds and stir for a while.
In a aluminum foil put the mixture and give the shape of a salami, fridge it for 2-3 hours. Cut in slice for serving and don’t forget to put it back in fridge to keep it cold and hard.
Sometimes I love it with some whipped cream or a scone if icecream.

And to finish all nothing is better that Granita al Caffè (coffee granita)

Easy easy and taste soooo good!!
Ingredients 4 servings

150 gr sugar
4 cup of espresso
icing sugar
extra dark chocolate for serving

in a pan add the sugar and half liter of water and boil for 3-5 minutes until it become a “syrup”
let it cool then add the coffee and stir. Add the mixture in a bowl put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours and stir every 20-30 minutes, until the mixture get frozen in “big coffee crystals”. You must mix and stir well to make a soft granita.
In a bowl whip the cream, if you want you can add the icing sugar to sweeten the cream. In 4 tall icecream or granita tumblers put the granita (it’s better to take away from the freezer the granita 2-3 minutes before not more or it will melt too much) add the wipped cream on top and some flakes of chocolate.

This is my 99th post , stay tuned for the 100th celebration!!