This is the 2nd time I've got tagged from This wheel's on fire the first was here , rules are easy answer and rework the following questions then tag 8 bloggers!

What is your current obsession? when the warm weather comes (well here is not so warm yet!!) my obsession for maxi dresses and sandals comes out ,and lately I'm obsessed with loose fit tshirts, find new blogs, souther california style, courgettes and layered necklaces..but my biggest obsession now is to leave Milan so I'm planning everything to make it real!

What songs are currently on constant repeat? Human and ll these things I've done the Killers, That Smell Lynyrd Skynyrd (I'm gonna see them live in june!), Discipline NIN, First of the gang to die Morrisey, I put a spell on you CCR, Denis Blondie..

If you could be any animal for a day what would you be? a shark!!! I adore sharks , amazing creatures so elegant and ancient.

What are you wearing today? I'm still at home, white t-shirt, lilac tracksuit pants, white havaians

What's your must have piece for summer? my vert d'eau Balenciaga twiggy and this See by Chloè white dress

What would you like to have in your hands right now? money but not to buy something, but to do something.

What would you like to learn to do? surf!!

What's the last thing you bought? yesterday at HM a dress, skirt, some shirts..

What is your most challenging goal right now? be patient

If you could have a home totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? I said before Bahamas .. and I confirm that!!

What would you like to get rid of? violence agains animals and nature

Who do you want to meet right now? an old friend of mine that I know need me now.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? in the garden of my country parent's house.

Which book could you read over and over again? Lhe lord of the Rings

Describe your style. not conventional, I hate suits or 9-5 outfits, I love to feel confortable and free so I wear lots of dresses, skirts and "casual" clothes. I'm very moody in dressing too, one day I can wear jeans high heels and sexy top the other day I'm in flipflops and a simple dress..I adore wedges and sandals and I'm obsessed with bags..never go out without sunglasses or accessories as a belt ,scar,f jewelery, the word "boho" would be perfect but I hate labels so I'll say I've "my boho style" all I can say that I'll never wear a fur and I'd always wear a flowing dress!!

What are your plans for the future? by september I hope I'll be in south of Italy..but I hate to think about future I prefer to think for today.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own closet? too many!! one of a kind: ok a floral halter maxi dress ( I know it's boring!!) , Dune sandals, Magenta first Balenciaga, silver Rayban aviators, woven MaxMara belt , and my lingerie!

Do you admire anyone's style? Nicole Richie (rachel zoe era..) Sienna Miller few years ago, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Margherita Missoni, Kate Hudson..I take inspirations from movies, music old family pics.

which celebrity style do you dislike the most? Victoria Beckham is the most boring celeb ever, Paris Hilton (style??), linday lohan and all the celebs that think that a leggings is a pant or that a long shirt is a dress, and the people I hate the most are "hiphop" ones with tons of labels, furs, tons of jewelery...

What do you think about the person who tagged you? she's amazing!! she's a wonderful blog with tons of beautiful pics that describe her style 1000 times better than words!!

I'm not going to tag 8 bloggers, I just ask to all of you to do it if you want and let us know your answers!!

Birthday Girl

April the birthday, this year I turn 33..not very excited I feel like 23!! I don't celebrate my bday since ages..from what I can remember the last bday cake was for my 17th bday..I know it's weird (I'm weird!) but I hate bdays, not just mine I really don't understand why we must's like New Years Eve I don't celebrate , why should I???!! when I was in UK my bday was a good excuse to get drunk (I don't drink anymore!) and party but we used to party every day so,no bday tnx!!To me it's like in Alice In Wonderland:
Alice: I'm sorry I interrupted your birthday party. Thank you.
March Hare: Birthday? My dear child, this is NOT a birthday party.
Mad Hatter: Of course not. This is an unbirthday party.

... so I'll use my bday to share with you some amazing bday pics & Happy Unbirthday y'all!!


& me,my 1st Bday

Good News!!


I'm not sure if it's the 27th of April or the 27th of November, here it's very cold, the rain won't stop and the wind is so annoying, not the weather you expect in April, very sad and depressing..the perfect weather to stay at home in pijama with hot tea and cookies watching movies!! This is a quick post to announce you few news, I'd love to have as a regular feauture a guest blogger once a month, for May I'll have an amazing guest..I'm so excited but I'll tell you later something more!! So if you are interessed to be a guest blogger just send an email with your idea my email is :
My other idea is to feature an Etsy shop , once a month or more, to give a change for seller to have an extra spotlight here,for us to know new sellers and new amazing handmade pieces to buy! As for the guest post, if you have an Etsy shop and you want to be featured here send me an email, the same for you that know a nice shop that deserve more attention!!
My 3rd news is about food, I'm going to share with you some of our "family recipes" , and if you have a request about an Italian dish let me know and I'll give you our recipe. To start here's a very easy and quick recipe for a summer fresh pasta salad :Pasta Tricolore (tricolore is the name of our flag!)
(4 serving)
300 gr Pasta penne (small pasta)
10 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Mozzarella cheese (about gr.200)
6-8 leaves of Basil
extra virgin olive oil ,freash garlic and some black olives

Cock (don't overcook)and drain the pasta then put it in a bowl add a spoon of olive oil and mix, let the pasta cool for some minutes. Wash and cut the tomatoes along with the fresh garlic the basil and olives, mix them in the bowl with the pasta but be sure to take off the excess of liquid from tomatoes. Cut in small "dices" the Mozzarella and add it to the pasta, add more olive oil and mix, then put the salad in fridge for at least 1 hour before serving add some basil leaves..and Buon Appetito!!

Flip Flops & Happiness

Today would be the perfect day to go to the beach, it's chilly but the sun is shining (yeah!!) and the sky is the perfect shade of blue, a day to relax on the sand with the peaceful sound of the waves. I've always spent my summer by the beach in one of the most beautiful places on earth, it's in the south of Italy (where I come from..) the sand is white and the sea is turquiose, it's Sperlonga a very "old style california" village full of surfers, hippies and nice people that love the beach. When I'm there I really don't need many things, just a dress my beloved Havaianas and sunglasses....a real dream!! My parents own a little cottage in a very very small village near Sperlonga and it's a piece of heaven on earth, so I really spend the whole day by the beach, sunbathing or just relaxing during the day and having fun the night with bonfires or just having great conversation with some friends. Freedom and Happiness are the only things you have to care about , I reallly have the feeling that nothing bad can happens there...I miss my days in Sperlonga and I can't wait to go there in few months!!
So if you will be in Italy don't miss the change to visit Sperlonga and many other villages over there, you'll fall in love in a minute!
I'd love today to take a walk on my secret beach (t's a really small beach that I've discovered with my sister, and it's still wild and unknown!) with a good book and nothing else..
What I'd love to wear?? Gyspy 05 dresses & Flip Flops!




I know that I'm not a "normal" person but how can I have an huge diet coke crave at 9.00 am right after eating my breakfast??!! The bad news is that I've no diet coke at home and I don't want to go to the market...well not now it's too early I need to "wake up" that takes me about 2 hours!
I'm diet coke with lemon and ice obsessed and I'm trying to detox my body from it so it's about a month that I don't drink coke but now I need it...ok I'm crazy I know but I guess to crave diet coke (and btw I hate classic coke I drink just diet coke!!)that other kinda of "coke" ?!! so what's your totally pointless obessions??

(ps buy they cans or glass bottles it's easy to recycle...don't buy plastic bottles coke it tastes bad and it's not eco.friendly at all!)

Green is the new black

..and so Happy Earth Day, it's finally the 22nd!! So many great comments in my previous post, nice to know that there are many many people that embrace the eco living!! To celebrate the Earth Day there's nothing better than shopping!! Do you remember when a couple of year ago the "I'm not a plastic bag" mania come out and everywhere you'd find "eco" bags, totes, purses..and then nothing anymore!!

I was one of the "lucky" girl that got from 10CorsoComo the Anya Hindmarch bag, actually I've 2 bags, for me and for my mum and we really use the bag for the grocery shopping! I still remember the girls went crazy to get that bag just because it was a new "it bag" but after 2-3 weeks nobody was wearing the bag anymore. I still use that bag and many other reusable bags for my grocery shopping, many stores over here offer their own reusable bags but if you want you own and super cute eco bag you can find a great selection here: ECOBAGS or here BE SMART BE GREEN
I'm in love with classic string bags, and the classic woven bag..perfect for shopping, beach, loundry..

there are so many other reusable products and tons of eco-sites, so you just need to go online or to your store and get a reusable bag to start to help Earth, your wallet (plastic bag are not free!!) and always look cool even at grocery..and if you're coffee addicted get one of these I'm not a paper cup this one is from Urban Outfitters but there're so many other sellers online where you can buy it, how cute is this cup??

Earth Day - April 22

The next 22nd of April will be the Earth Day , since 1970 every year the world celebrate our mother earth that is the only "home" that we have, so we must respect and protect her every day not only on the Earth Day. It's important to learn how to respect and to reduce our carbon footprint with very small but important things that we make every day, at home in office when shopping or when we have fun, it's easy and every small step will be a huge help for our enviroment and for our future. I'm quite "obsessed" when it comes to recycle or to reduce my personal carbon footprint, as I said before, we have only one EARTH, we can't destroy this earth and move on another planet when this one will be dead. I recomend you to watch a movie (well it's more than a documentary or a movie) An Inconvenient Truth , where Al Gore explain in a very easy way how we are killing our planet and how we can save it, it's shocking sometimes but it's the truth that we see every day in our countries but we don't know how to stop it and how to make a difference. As a world citizen, I feel the responsability to make my steps to reduce the global warming, to recycle,to improve an eco-friendly lifestyle and if I can share my experience to inform other people I feel a better person.
There are many charity organizzations and may many ways to help your planet and your community, as a blogger you can use a banner on your blog to help to fight the climate change here 350 Brighter Planet (you can click the banner on the left side of my blog)
You can calculate your own carbon footprint here
and you can find usefull information here and here
Please make the best you can to save our planet, it's cool and it's the fashionable too..sometimes is better to do nice things than to wear them...let's switch off the lights!!


thank you for the lovely comments of the past posts, I love to read them and I do my best to reply to all of you..keep on visiting thanx!!

I want candy!!

Summer is coming and it's time to wear bright colored nails, it's better to stop the candy crave with multicolored nail polishes that will save your shape while brightening the day!! I've found some yummy colors while surfing on Urban Outfitters and Asos Beauty , the colors makes me feel happy in a second I just want to buy them all (they're not expensive at all!!) just like a bag of candies!! The Sparkle & Fade Nail Varnish comes in 7 shades, from purple to baby blue, I'm love with these 3 : Lavender Holly and Coral , great with a sunkissed skin!

If you are looking for more super bright color Models Own polishes are perfect, 13 colors to choose with very cute names, my favourites are: Coral Reef, Fuzzy Peach, Lemon Meringue, Purple Poppy, Pastel Pink and Hot Pink So many shades that you can change a color every day to match the summer outfits!