Etsy finds : It's seafoam baby!!


I love so much this color, it's fresh, it's pure, it's summer, it's clean, it makes me feel relaxed and happy; it's a mix of green, nature earth hope (in Italy green is the color of hope!) , white the color of pureness soul clouds, and blue the color of water sky and calm. Seafoam it's the perfect mix of all those things and the perfect color to wear in summer , it's great on every skin tone and instantly gives a fresh touch to outfits, home, makeup, everything!! Since I adore so much this color I've made lots of researches on Etsy about it and I've found not only one treasure but tons of gorgeous things to buy and share with you. Here some of my favourite shops and finds, of course this is a small selection so click click click on every single shop and enjoy their amazing wonderful handmade treasures.




I'd love to thanks all the Etsy sellers that have made this post possible, keep on making handmade things, we love them & we need them..thanks!!