Fall Inspiration & Boots Love

This fall my inspiration will come from Isabel Marant SS and FW 09, love the mix of boho, sexy, feminine and light weight in both collection, and those boots...looooove them!! I've an old pair of dark brown suede boots that I'm going to customize with chains or straps, and I'm looking for a similar pair of the new collection..they're perfect to wear with everything , need to check Zara, usually has the best knock-off!!

what will be your inspiration for the upcoming season??

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and PS I'd love to thank Bonnie for a very nice email..thanx a lot!!

A Tribute to : The Sartorialist

Back in February I wrote a post in italian to share my huge appreciation to the Sartorialist, a genius not only a blogger but a great artist; so simple but very powerful and inspiring, those are some of my fav photos , the light is perfect and so the mood..enjoy!!

(pics http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/)

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Vogue UK October 2009 – Sienna

I’ve just spotted Sienna on the cover of Vogue UK and I can’t wait to get my copy now..I’ve a confession to make: I adore Sienna Miller!! I still remember the first time I saw her in some pics from the Glastonbury festival, such a beauty with a great style!! I’ve always followed her style changes on TheFashionSpot forums or other sources, the “Kate Vs Sienna” war , the Jude era (was my fav..they should be back!) , the Edie cut..She had a weird period after the Rhys brokeup, I didn’t like her style, but she always my top 3 fashion icon. I felt in love with her signature Balenciaga , the messy hair , new boho style, she has always managed to have a killer style but without trying “too much” , like Kate Moss they are born to be like that, they’re so many celeb that have a great boho style but you can see that it’s a stylist outfit not so fresh like Sienna. I don’t want to discuss her personal life, I just love her as a style icon and I’ve to say that she made a great job in Alfie (looooove it!!) and Factory Girl too. I miss old days back in 2004-2005 when she was so inspiring and new , they only bad thing was the large amount of copycats everywhere!! I’ll always take some from her style , thanks to Sienna we can wear “boho” everyday without looking weird or “too hippie”!! There’re many many pics of her that I adore so I’ll share with you few of my top favs, like the Matthew Williamson photoshot or some candids


(pics http://www.sienna-miller.org)