My Name Is..

Do you remember when Carrie loose her signature nameplate necklace at Dior in Paris?! then she found it in her purse, and she go back to NY...sooooo romantic!!
My Name Necklace sent me this adorable necklace with the name of my cat, Brilli how cute is it?? I love it , I have another nameplate necklace with my name that I don't really like , it was a present but now I love to wear it paired with my new Brilli one, they look great together!!

At you can find different styles to customize your necklace for you and for great presents, in silver or gold with diamonds or plastic so cute, and you can choose the lenght of your necklace , that's perfect!! they ship woldwide and their price are amazing , it would be a great xmas gift for the "ones that has evrything"!!

Black N. 1

black as my mood
black as night
black as my chipped nail polish
black as pain
black as coffee
black as the it color
black as deep
black as one of my fav song
black as noise
black as make up
black as patent
black as ink
black as berry
black as vinyl
black as perfection
black as bats
black as empty
black as full
black as opium
black as ....


Goodbye Daul


RIP Daul Kim
(1989 - 2009)

If On A Winter's Night

My dad bought me few days ago one of the best album ever, the new Sting work: If on a Winter's night. Beautiful and precious music , perfect for winter nights and Christmas mood, I can't stop listening to it it's so rich and warm, the music brings you in another world made of wood bells snow hot tea spicy smells carols ... you gotta have it , I think it's the best 2009 buy and the best Christmas present for everybody. One of my fav song "Soul Cake"

Add Sting + Hot Cocoa + Cookies + A good Book = Winter Love