Happy New Year

Next year is yet so heavy, everybody including me is hoping for a gorgeous year, but what if it won't be?? no expetations for me, if it will be just boring calm and fast I'll be very happy. No goals no plans nothing this year, it will be whatever the fate will want for me . I'll do my best to realize my only project at moment but I've to recover from a shattering 2009, I'm so exausted that I can't think now about the new one; let's finish this and let's start 2010 then we'll see. I always say that if you rock at the bottom then you must rise up again..it's science!!

I wish you an amazing 2010, it will be the coolest year ever!!!

Merry Christmas!!

…and so this year too Christmas is coming. I don’t remember if I ever told you that I’m the living Grinch since I HATE Xmas New Year and this time of the year , it’s something that maybe I’ve in my DNA since my family it’s like me , we all hate Xmas and can’t wait for the 7th of January!!

Since my grandparents passed away my family don’t celebrate Xmas anymore (if you think that my grandmother died on the 24th of december and my grandpa the 31st..) ok before we were not like "It's a wonderful life" ,we have such a weird family, everybody hates each other but on Xmas and new year eve we pretend to be a normal family at my granparents house. I’m trying so hard this year to bring just a little bit of the merry xmas spirit back but I find it very very hard, there’re too many things I hate about this time of the year too many that it’s a very long list, so I try with you to write down the few things I “like” about Xmas!

1 days off from work (yeahhh!!)

2 food and italian cakes and sweets that we eat on xmas days

3 xmas movies (on italian tv it’s such a great time cartoons & movies that I love!) and spend days watching them drinking hot cocoa and eating cookies

4 lights and decoration in windows doors streets

5 that all my family and relatives lives in other cities so we don’t have to meet!

6 santa’s hats

7 Jingle bell Let it snow Last Christmas All I want for .. (the My Chemical Romance version) Christmas time So this is Christmas Jingle bell rock Do they know it's Christmas time and my dad’s Frank Sinatra Christmas cd that he plays every single year since I was a child!

8 this is not something that I love but somethind that I’d love to see more, people that remember that xmas it’s a time for giving and caring but not for us but for ones (and there’re too many) that don’t have nothing , and still have nothing for the rest of the year. I’d love to see parents of those spoiled chubby kids spend their holidays giving a little bit of joy to kids that have nothing.. but this will never happen we all know right?!

9 love that Xmas comes only once in the year and lasts for 2 days

10 church’s bells at midnight

wow I’m impressed I’ve found 10 things I like about Xmas !! What do you love about your Xmas? Do you celebrate it?

Merry Christmas I wish you all the best and I hope you’ll receive what you really really need and want.

(john taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy


I'm shocked..so young why? Goodbye Brittany we'll miss you.


Old Love : Gucci F/W 08-09

Last year collection, Babushka, still one of my fav ever. Love everything..the shoes are fabulous, that's why today I've finally bough a pair of shoes boots very "babushka" , great deal love Christmas pre-sale. It might be an old trend but who cares if it's amazing?? and to me sporting an old trend is always trendy! Liquid leggings & platform boots??? No Thanx!!

Movie Crush : 500 days of summer

Finally 500 days of summer is arrived here too, I’ve watched it last weekend and like probably most of you I’m in love with it!! It was such a long time that a movie dosn’t gave me shivers and totally took my attention; the story is lovely and the 2 actors are so amazing and adorable, the soundtrack it’s great too! If you haven’t seen it yet you must do it , it will warm your heart I’m sure, it’s not the same old love story but it’s a love story quite a fairy tale so delicate but strong funny and moving .. such a perfect romantic movie. Zooey and Joseph (that reminds me of a young Keanu Reeves) are like Tom Haks and Meg Ryan or Audrey Hepburn an George Peppard,a perfect on screen couple , so nice together and maybe the only two actors I’d choose for this movie. 500 days of summer goes on my top 5 of romantic movies, of course my #1 will always be You’ve got mail that I’ve managed to watch for the 5465700 time last weekend too (this time in english) , but now 500 days of summer it’s definitely at #3 right after Love Actually and before Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind and Sweet November. (and people says that I’m not romantic at all !!!)
Which is your favourite romantic movie? And your fav on screen couple?