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For me there's no Halloween without Tim Burton's Movie!!


Apologies & Thanks

I’m very very honored, My Way got 3 awards this week, and 2 in the past weeks that I must post . I’ve been an horrible blogger, it’s a month now that I come back from my vacation and I still haven’t found enough time to write a decent post and share the awards. I’m so happy that you still read and like my “baby” I need to take more care of it and to read more yours (..I read almost everyday yours but in office I can’t comment and sometimes I can’t see pics..stupid internet policies..). I want to use this post to share with you my feelings in those past weeks and why I’m lacking of inspiration etc. As maybe many of you already know I’m planning to move to south of Italy and leave Milan, that I’m having some problems with my job due to finantial crisis and that I’m always a “rebel” so I need to find always a reason to be upset or to complain!! Things are not going well, with my job is a nightmare, we are in 3 now (we were in 8..) and still not sure about our future here, I’m looking for a job in Rome or somewhere in Lazio the situation is hard, very few jobs and too many people that need them. Before moving I need to rent my house and fix many many things, it’s not so easy now it was easier when I was broke and young..I miss those days. Things are getting very hard and slow that I’m feeling so stressed and down, sometimes I panic and can’t see an happy ending..I really really really don’t want to live here anymore, it’s more that hate it’s a necessity to move now, and time dosen’t help..I feel that I’m loosing my life here without nothing to do , without a goal or a reason to stay and wait, I don’t need to wait but I have to because things don’t depends on me only, hate it.
It’s like when I’m not in love with somebody anymore..I leave I don’t try to make things work because I know they won’t. So now I know that my mind and my heart don’t belong here anymore and I need to change..but when?? I’m very frustrated , it’s like to make 2 steps forward and 1 backwards
.very frustrating. Sorry about this but this is the reason why lately I don’t have time and inspiration to blog as before. I spend most of the time trying to fix the situation and to find a solution and time runs so fast that scares me..
Maybe I need to spend more time relaxing here, my blog and yours really help me to relax and to stay positive, but it’s a vicious circle , when I’m feeling blue, stressed and depressed I don’t or I can’t realize that beeing more “blue” won’t help the things to be better. it’s like with chocolate or wild shopping you know that too much will be bad for you but you can’t stop !! Btw, I was (and sometimes still) thinking to quit my blogs but it won’y help me to fix anything..so thank you very very much for beeing always a great inspiration for me. I’ve announched an halloween giveaway few posts ago but I can’t make it now, it will come I promise, it’s something that will be great for many other occasions too..sorry sorry sorry .

The awards are:

From Future Hippie http://blog.futurehippie.com/

And from Haute World http://hauteworld.blogspot.com/

And the Kreativ Blog awards from 3 italian super stylish babes

Iole http://ioleinfashion.blogspot.com/
MissPattyPei http://misspattypei.blogspot.com/
LovingChiaraDeanna http://chiaradeanna.blogspot.com/

I'm sharing them with you, a blog without readers it's nothing, so THANX!! I hope I'll find the will time and inspiration to go on with My Way for me and for YOU..

The My Way Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

It's maybe the movie that we are all waiting for, it's one of my fav director and some of my fav actors ever, it will be crazy, visionary , funny, tragic, and with lots of COLORS .Terry Gilliam it's a genius and his works are always so poweful..I'm so excited the movie will be out here tomorrow!! This is the "My Way" tribute to the movie and its amazing actors : Heath Johnny Colin & Jude.