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I’ve been tagged few days ago by L’armadio del delitto in a new tag about music. The original tag is about italian songs that french needs to know, but since I don’t know much about italian songs ( know it’s a shame!!) because I’ve never liked it very much, I’m going to answer to my tag with any kind of music.

The song to thrill

There’re tons of songs that I love to listen when I need a kick, new old rock, but the only song that is an evergreen in my ipod , in my car or at home is : I can’t get no satisfaction - Rolling Stones.
It’s a song that I love so much for the energy that it gives me and it’s a part of one of my favourite movie ever, Apocalypse Now.

The “when I’m sad” song

Wish you were here – Pink Floyd, it’s not a very sad song but it helps me to be positive even if my mood is bad and I feel down, I love this part “We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,” it’s probably one of the best lyric ever.

The song to feel like a child

That’s an easy one, there’s only one song that gives that feeling and it’s The Goonies 'R' Good Enough - Cindy Lauper. I grow up with The Goonies, I still watch and love it so much, the soundtrack it’s another character, and of course I adore Cindy, she’s a free spirit like me. I’ve always loved her and hated Madonna so I was really “politically incorrent” at school, everybody loves Madonna, but c’mon Cindy in 2000 times better, she’d be a perfect Goonie!!
Please Hollywood don’t make a remake or the Goonies pleaseeeee nothing can be better than the oroginal!

The song to dance all night

I don’t really like to dance, I used to when in London but it was ages ago and I loved to dance dark or industrial techno (!!) now I like some brit pop or still techno. I love Chemical Brothers Fatboyslim Prodigy Underworld stuff like that and the perfect dance song it’s still Vodoo People – Prodigy!

My first song

I have no idea!! My parents as I said before here loved music very much so growing up I’ve always listened to their records, from what I can remember it’s Frank Sinatra (thanx dad!) My Way and it’s still one of my fav song ever, and of course a mantra since I have it tattoed on my back. Sinatra it’s like a LBD you never go wrong with him!! The first song that I loved it’s On with the show – Motley Crue. I discovered them at elementary school I’ve changed my tastes many times but my Crue are always with me and yes I still think that Nikki is hot!!

Best break up song

One word : Hurt – Nine inch nails … need I say more?? Read the lyryc and you’ll know why. Trent is a genius and Hurt it’s a real masterpiece, that song goes deep in your soul it tear and rip it an then you feel ever more bad and sad but it’s what you need.

The song that I’ve been looking for

Too many too many..each song I love it’s a song that I was waiting and looking for, but as I said to my sister few days ago that has totally different music tastes, the song that I “need” to listen every day it’s I’m yours – Jason Mraz. Don’t ask me why but since the first time I loved it and still love it so much, it’s such a cute and happy song that it’s perfect for every time of the day or every mood. So the song that I’ve been looking for since ages is that one, and even my sister or friends that have different tastes love it and after a couple of notes start singing a long!I bet you’re doing the same!!
… Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it…

My “best find” song

White rabbit - Jefferson Airplane I always laugh so much when Benicio del Toro in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is in the bathtube and starts screaming and he ask for White Rabbit..I don't know why is my best find but I love the song & the movie!!

My favourite soundtrack

Yeah right as if I have only one!! Ok only one???!!! Almost Famous has everything. There’re so many movies I love for the beautiful soundtrack, and Almost Famous has some of my fav song in it, it’s pure rock n roll!!
Other movies with great musics are Billy Elliot, The Lords of Dogtown, Velvet Goldmine, Footloose, Topgun, Point Break...

The outsider
it's the most stupid song on earth but I love it...

I'll tag all of you, I'm so curious to read your answers and to find new song to love..come back and let me know when you're done!!
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