Hi, i’m Iole (Iole in fashion) and I was so onored when Carlotta asked me to be her guest on the blog for the month of June. I was really late in writing this post, here the weather is been terrible, and the one of you that a little reads my blog already knows that when the weather is bad, I’m totally lazy and without inspiration. This morning I woke up, the sun was finally shining again, and so I decided that this was my moment to begin writing about me and my love for fashion. Inspired by other bloggers interview, I decided to follow the ELLE’ test to answer the question and let you know what I think of what’s around ( I must confess that’s even because this could be my only chance of answering a magazine interview test, arggg).
So, three, two, one…GO!
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My fashion icon is Gisele Bundchen. She is pretty hot, looks so healthy and fun. My second love is Kate Moss, and my third Erin (Wasson).
My palette is black, black, black. I’m living a particular moment where I see black everywhere. For some of you black could mean absence of colour, depression, for me it’s elegance, minimalism, low profile with high power in it. I love black. I do love, but not wearing at the moment, blue, grey, white and coral ( this summer must have).
I start dressing from totally my mood that depends on the weather. The weather affect my sensation of cold and I can not dress up well if I don’t feel a warm atmosphere around. I ate ate ate cold . If I feel good, I start from the thing I want more to put on that day, if it’s a particular kind of shoes, I start from there, for example.
My day outfit is skinny jeans, tee, converse all star, and a nice statement bag, that makes you feel hot and becomes the centre of the attention.
My evening outfit is jeans sometimes. All the times, high heels with a petit robe noir or a long coloured maxi dress, so bohochic.
My latest purchase was a flower printed little skirt, vintage, and purple sandals with really high heels.
Never without my daily dose of face lotion, with a factor of protection against UVA. Never again without three drops of Narciso Rodriguez perfume. Simply the best! Never, and I say never, without mascara.
What to avoid. The sun, to much makes the skin look older and the “too much of everything” which is always loosing against the well structured and composed minimalism.

Jewels Only the one that my dear best friend Tiffany and her father Giorgio ( Cameo& Corals factory, Ravello) design. Corals skulls, cameo cuffs , perls necklace are my favourite.
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Accessories Shoes shoes shoes, I’ll go broke for them. Then, bags bags bags…

My dream is to become famous. No, I’m kidding. No, I’m not. I really don’t know, I’m so confused about the future at the moment.

I save from my closet my grandmother vintage bags and purse. They are so perfect.
For a romantic night a Balmain dress, full of light, would be too much?

My gluttony are pizza and pasta and crisps.
Here that’s the end of my test, I hope you didn’t get so much bored.
Looking forward to hearing from you, I send my best regards.
Love Iole
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Carlotta, thanks again.