Woodstock 1969


40 years ago from Friday the 15th to Sunday the 17th , rock music legends played at the very first live festival, the one and only that is still a myth for us that are too young to remember and an indelible memory for the guys of 1969. A festival that celebrated music & peace, some values that we still belive in and try to reach the Peace everywhere. As I said many times before I know that I was born in the wrong decade and country, my mum the same, in 1969 she escaped from home with some hippie friends (yes my mum was an hippie..or like they used to say in Italy a freak!!) to attend Woodstock, she loved and still love Janis a real icon for her, they couldn't reach USA , they just got stopped near Rome but they had a kinda little Woodstock playing guitars & singing!! Now summer festivals are very popular and everywhere but we all need to thank the '69 generation for the freedom and the music that we have now..Peace & Love at Woodstock!!

It'd be a dream to be at Woodstock again and see Janis, Jimi , my fav band Jefferson Airplane live, dancing and singing with all the guys beeing happy & free..what a wonderful experience!!


Two Woodstock inspired outfits, the first is very old school , fringes, bell bottom jeans and flats, the second is more modern festival, wellies short and blouse, I'd love to wear both of course!!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the festival , Ang Lee has directed the upcoming movie Taking Woodstock , a movie based on the book "Taking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, Concert, and a Life" by Elliot Tiber the "father" of Woodstock. I really can't wait to watch the movie, Ang Lee is an amazing director and the cast is great, I's sure it'll be a very beautiful movie and a great sountrack.