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My dear friend Kerri of tenthings tagged me in another super cute tag, Thank you Kerri !! You' should read her tag it's very sweet and cool such an amazing girl!! The rule is easy, I must write 10 interesting things about me and then tag 10 blogs ..ok you maybe know a lot about me and my crazy family but there're so many mad things about us!!

I wear glasses. I used to hate so much them at school, I was the "popular duo" with my best friend and wear glasses was very uncool. I must wear them to read, watching tv or pc..well I still hate them but I've tried contacts and it was the worst experience of my life!

I'm allergic to strawberries but I love them very much so if I eat too many I got a red rush around my mouth and my toongue it looks very bad but strawberries are too good for me.

The only grandmother I still have in life is my father "first mother" but I don't talk to her since probably 1995, it's a long and sad story she'd like the biological mother of my dad but she left him when he was 1 .. she never let us call her Nonna (grandmother in Italian) but with her name..I don't hate her I just don't feel her like my other grandparents that were amazing.

I used to have 3 piercing on my tongue then I'd to remove them when I come back to Italy because in this stupid and "too catholic" country you can find a job or just live in your own way if you're a little bit different.

I got kicked out with my friends from my first yoga class because we were laughing like mad for everything..we're really dumb!! then I've tried yoga alone and it's was soo cool and relaxing!

I'm scared of stupid things like wind ( I hate it..) tomatoes , blood, stairs, clowns, insects (all of them), frogs , thunders, gnomes .. but I'd love to jump off a plane or an high cliff , swim with sharks or to kiss a tiger on the nose!

I'm very good to play cards or gamble games. Don't know why but I'm very lucky, I always win at poker or blackjack I've won $500 at Bahamas Casino in Paradise Island few years ago, I went there with $100 and I left with $500 ; but I can't play chess, pool or bowling I'm a real mess!!

I'm always in late, I live in late I can't help it. If I woke up 2 hours before I can't be in time, it's impossible I say that I "enter" in another world like Alice in Wonderland and I get lost for hours..I'm in late now of course :)))

I adore to watch kids movie, I think that I've watched all the disney, dreamworks etc animation movies. I still love ET and the Goonies (one of the best movie ever!!) , Finding Nemo, Peter Pan , Alice in wonderland, Madasacscar, Wall-e , Surf-up etc. I prefer the movie with animals than the ones with a princess , animals are too funny!!

In my life I’ve done so many jobs and many weird ones. I’ve worked for only 4 hours at Mc Donald’s (they’re totally mad…) in a strip club as cashier, in disco always as cashier, in a piercings studio, pubs, sales assistant in a Carnaby St store, PR for a night club here, so many different jobs, the only thing that I hate is when I have to wear uniforms (no tnx!) and stupid rules and too loud horrible music all day long .

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Next monday I’ll be on vacation for a month , I’ll drive to south of Italy to my parent’s house and I’ll try to relax as much as I can , swim, eat good food (no plastic food..) , I won’t have an internet connection but I’ll do my best to keep in touch. Since last week internet is forbidden in my office too , it’s a shame and it’s impossible to spend 8 hours since we’ve nothing to I can’t write or read blogs ; I’ve no time left when I’m home I’ve always 400000 things to do before leaving, I hope that in few weeks things will get better. 2 last things..while I’ll be on vacation it would be great to have some guest posts, so if you’re interested let me know , I would like to keep my blog ALIVE!! I’m going to bring Brilli , my cat, with me , does anybody have good tips to relax Brilli while I’m driving, it will take 7-8 hours from Milan to Sperlonga and I’m afraid that Brilli won’t feel good, I’d love to make her comfortable during the trip and don’t stress her too much TIA. Very last thing , I need , (well don’t need!) an oversized clutch, I’d love to find a vintage ones..if you spot nice one let me know!! (white –yellow – red or black!)