I can’t live without…


Goodmorning and Good Week!! Here we’re still melting, somebody up there needs to switch the heat off..today is not sunny but it’s so humid that we can barely breath. Anyway I’ve started the week with a lovely present by my colleague Mariacristina, she gave me a silver beach bag!! I can’t think about a better way to start the mondays :)

Ok let’s go back to post topic, the I can’t live without beauty list!! I’m one of those girls that need to try new products every time that read a good review somewhere but I have my fav beauty “potions” that are my life savers and really can’t live without.

I try to use only products that are cruelty free and eco friendly, but unfortunatly it’s not easy to find all eco or vegan products, so sometimes I need to buy online or use alternative stuff. I shower with LUSH soaps, they’re the best, amazing smells long lasting, eco & animal friendly. My fav in the summer morning is ICE BLUE SOAP it’s blue like the ocean , peppermint smells , leave my skin soft and gives the right amount of freshness I need to wake up!!

The other one I use all year long is KARMA soap and sometimes solid shampoo too, gorgeous smells and that orange color that makes me so happy.

For my face I use the Fresh Farmacy soap, it’s great to leave your skin clean and soft and sometimes I use the Garnier Pure Deep Scrub , it’s not vegan or eco but it’s a great products that leaves my skin very clean smells very good (cucumber) and the fine scrub clean and exfoliate but not too much.

For my very fine (baby hair!!) quite dry hair I use mostly Lush solid shampoo, they last ages and are easy to use and no plastic bottles at all. I love them all but for my hair I use Karma and Lady Godiva , if I don’t use the conditioner my hair looks so clean and fresh smell, but because I wash my hair every day I use tons of conditioner, I’ve tried so many different and I’ve recently discovered Joico Moisture Recovery and I’m in love with it!! Finally a deep conditioner that helps my hair to look and feel moisturizedand healty. It smells divine and I don’t need to style too much my hair , they look like after a professional blow dry. When I need to add volume or I want to wear headbands or wild style I use Bumble & Bumble surf spray it’s amazing I can’t belive how much I love this spray. It leaves my hair crisp and with lots of volume and they don’t fly everywhere, I can style my hair in many ways and they looks great for hours , it’s really like a swim in the ocean, try it it’s great!!

For my body I just use Body Shop butters, my fav is coconut , but I’ve tried many and they’re all amazing, great smell and deep moisture. I also use to keep my body fresh during summer Body Shop Peppermint Spray for my legs and Oceanus Body Spray that really smells like deep sea and it’s very fresh and cooling.

For my face I’ve always used Clinique but few months ago I’ve started using different products, for my eyes now I use Benefit Depuffing Eye Gel , it’s great in the morning to really “de-puff” your eye and gives a cool sensation, or I use Organic Surge 'Pure Extracts' Eye Gel and I love it!! It’s very very cool and fresh, your eye looks younger and the makeup last longer , a great eye serum. For my face I’ve used this winter Clarins Crème Riche Desalterante it’s a very light texture but leaves my skin very soft and hydratated and it’s a 15 SPF too; now I’m using Organic Surge 'Pure Extracts' Blissful Moisturiser” , and it’s perfect for summer days, very very light , leave my skin fresh and not sticky . I also use Clinuque toner N.2 , I used it since ages and I still love it, and during the day I’ve made my own face mist by puring Roberts Rose Water in a spray bottle, it’s a great way to keep your face fresh and hydratated.

To add a hint of color to my face I adore Benefit “Talk to the Tan” , light texture not greasy at all and you can decide your own bronze color. I love Benefit it’s a great makeup cruelty free brand and luckly I can find all the range at Sephora. I use Lemon Aid on my lids & Posie Tint for my cheeks ( lips too!!) . I also use CARGO and Too Faced , always cruelty free and eco.

Cargo The Reverse LipLiner it’s a gloss lipliner that works very well on my lips and in the inner of my eyes to bright up a natural make up. I adore the CARGO LIPGLOSS DUO and PLANTLOVE Liptick (EVANGELINE) , the gloss is a natural duo in a tin, very easy to apply non-sticky and last ages, the lipstick it’s the perfect coral red, very very bright and with tanned skin gives a luminous touch to your makeup. For my eyes I use lots of TooFaced eyeshadows and Cargo too, I’ve tried so many different mascaras but I’ve never found the perfect eco and cruelty free ones, I still use HELENA RUBISTEIN FELINE BLACKS MASCARA , I really can’t live without it!! It’s rich thick extra black and it takes me a minute to have gorgeous lashes..I love it!! Do you have any tips for a vegan mascara?? For the rest of my makeup I use lots of products from KIKO Cosmetics , an italian low-cost and semiprofessional brand, it has an huge selection of colors and the prices are great.I always carry with me my beauty products , I’ve a beauty bag in my desk here in office and in my car, of course I can have all my beauty obsessions but I always have balms ( I love Yes to carrots in Lemon and BadgerBalms) hand sanitizer, nail files , miniparfume, 3000 lipglosses ( am I the only one that carries so many??) mirrors..everything!! As for my parfume I’m very obsessed, I adore YSL Opium, but only in winter and for dates or night outs, for day I use Narciso Rodriguez for her and now in the summer months I can’t live without Hermes Le Jardin Sur Le Nil, that smells like a summer garden. What about your beauty obsessions?