Next Obsession : Melie Bianco

I’ve got the inspiration for this post from my sister, Claudia, she’s vegan and so she dosen’t use any leather on shoes bags or else, so if she need a bag or shoes (that aren’t Vans or Converse) she must start a neverending hunt for a faux leather but good quality and good looking bag or heels. I don’t eat meat and I’ ve nerver and I’ll never use or buy any kind of fur, but I’ve leather shoes or bags, since I’m very very obsessed with handbags it’s like a drug, if I spot the perfect Gucci or Chanel I gotta have it. I want to try to be a good person to animals and be stylish too. There’re so many faux-leather bags and products, most of them looks 100% fake or plastic ( and smells bad..) but I’ve found few years ago Melie Bianco bags, they’re so well made , no funny smells , great texture and high quality , great prices and totally vegan!! I’ve the gold version of the very fanous “Laguna” hobo, LC had the white version in a very old episode of Laguna Beach ( I miss that show!!) , I felt in love in a second with that bag and a friend bought it for me in the USA.I still use it such a versatile bag and nobody here has it!!

The Melie Bianco bags are so cool and stylish , of course they’re unavailable here but I can easly buy them from Silvia Shop ; that store has the best price ever , a huge selection and amazing customer service. For next fall I’m gonna have some Melie Bianco from Silvia I want to have my boho style but with a different vibe, I’m not going to wear always the same “it” bags, so boring, I want something different that will stand out in vibrant colors and be good to furry friends. My choices are the teal fringed tote, love teal it’s a great alternative to black or brown and will match any outfits the color it’s very rich and will stand out with total black looks or simply jeans+tee, and the fringes are one of my obsessions, fringes everywhere please so rock n roll!! The Mustard Yellow Duffle, it’s such a great everyday bag, the color again is rich and warm and with browns will be so perfect, love the shape and the woven it would be amazing with greens or rust accessories or opaque tights..I’m ready for fall!! The last is a classic fringed clutch (convertible to shoulder bag) so hot and pretty, great for nights out or just for shopping with friends. I’ll get in black, but it’s available at Silvia in other colors too..tempted??

So many gorgeous bags and a fab price , a new obsession is on!!

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