Some Healthy Hate & An Award

Finally watched Harry Potter , very disappointed. I really didn’t like it at all, no magic , no fantastic creatures ..just bleah bleah very different from the book, this time the movie has been very bad, and that girl Hermione is getting even more annoying!! I really can’t stand the character and the acrtess too!! They made a wonderful job finding Emily to play Hermione she’s IMO so boring and the kind of person that I’d love to punch right in the face every time she open the mouth!! I’m not a politically correct person at all, so I’d love to share with you some of the people that I’d love to use to feed sharks, alligators , tigers etc..I really can’t stand:

Angelina Jolie her crazy family and Brad (I’m the only girl on earth that find him disgusting!!)
Jennifer Lopez
Puff Diddy or whatever is his name and those hip hop/ rap artists (too many!)
Christina Aguilera (I hate people that sing that way)
Justin Timberlake
Carla Bruni (hey you carla be proud to be italian!)
David Hasseloff
Lady GaGa
The Owen brothers
Naomi Campbell
Madonna and her daughter
Robert Redford (he’s a good actor but I can’t stand him..)
Penelope Cruz (another person I find disgusting..)
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Jennifer Connely
Tobey Maguire
Will Smith
Alanis Morrisette
The Bechkams
Anna Wintour
U2 (love their song hate them..)
Coldplay (bleah….)
Hilary Swank
Heidi and Spencer (can please anybody tell me why they are celeb?)
Lindsay Lohan
Monica Geller (the character from Friends)
Lisa Simpson
Reese Witherspoon
Renée Zellweger
Nicole Kidman (great actress..but..)
The cast from Dawson’s Creek (so boring..)
Misha Barton
Avril Lavgne

Actually I can’t stand 70% of celebs that are on Perez every day !! I love many others and it will take me a very long post to write them, I’ll post just 4 that I really love right now

Jim Carey (don’t touch my Jim!)
Zooey Deschanel
Emile Hirsch
Juliette Binoche

I've got another award from one of my fav blogger, Dreamsequins she has one of the most cool blog ever..if you love fashion you can't miss her blog and twitter views!! So THANK YOU very very much I'm honored!!

The rule is simple: list ten interesting facts about yourself,
then pass on the award to ten other "Sugar Doll" bloggers!

1) I used to be Super Mario Kart addicted
2) The last time I’ve been in a church was maybe at my sister’s Baptism (17 years ago..), I pray a lot buy on my own.
3) I don’t like people that don’t show their feelings or their opinions, but sometimes with people that I don’t care (office…) I’m quite neutral and don’t discuss since I don’t care about them.
4) If I don’t want to do something or go somewhere I don’t find excuses..I just don’t do it
5) I rather prefer to be alone that to spend some time with boring people that get on my nerves
6) I prefer to drive my car then go with others in theirs, I’m good driver the rest of the world don’t!!
7) I hate noises , traffic, neighbors, people talking aloud, phone , those kinds of things drive me mad and in the morning I could kill somebody if I got woken up by one of those noises.
8) I hate those friends that always says “you never call me”…and you???? Why we are always the ones that don’t call?! If you want to hear me call me , what’s the problem?!
9) I’ve realised that old school friends are still here for me and we really still love each other, new ones most of the time sucks
10) I really hate people that we say in Italy live like “ I’d love but I can’t “ and they spend their life envying and slamming on everything you do and living a small life just because they don’t dare. It’s not about money but about what you want and how much you want to live your ONLY life..if you want to be in that corner it’s great but please SHUT UP!!

I'd love to share this award with all of YOU, without a reader we're nothing, so I think you deserve this award ..yes you and you and you and you..thank you for supporting ,reading ,commenting this little world of mine, every time I know that you're here reading and enjoying in some ways my posts I feel good and very honored..THANK YOU!!