August & Awards

Happy 1st of August !!! I'm both happy and sad, love august (well not in Milan, it's impossible to live here in summer..) but I know that summer is going to finish soon, too bad nice things aways ends too soon. I still have no news about my projects I guess I must wait, during summer everything is closed or slowed down , at the end of this month I'll be away for a month on holiday, I'll be in south of Italy to relax try to find a new home & job..not really holidays but I can't wait I'm hating this place more and more now it's the right time to go. Today it's another too hot & humid day but it's finally saturday I'm going to be poolside and try to stay cool & fresh (quite a dream!!) before I need to share some awards.

I've received the Honest Scrap award from Gabby
(thank you dear!!) and I'd love to pass it to:

and I pass it to

Felino Felice
Blog Goggles
BonBon Rose
Daisy Chain Dreams
Haute World

and the MY WAY awards goes to: