Turn Off the Volume..

Too much noise today, I'm so feed up of my block, every day noises , people screaming, noisy neightbours..I'm done I'm going to move soon, since I'm "virtually" unemployed I can chose where to go..I'm quite sure I'll move to south of Italy but not in a big town, I had enough chaos here and in Rome, I need relax silence nature smart people (seems that in big cities like mine there aren't..) and the calm of the sea!! So the plan for the next 3-4 months is to move, find a new house and sell mine, with a little bit of luck (yeah right..) by next september I'll be gone from the most chaotic place I've ever lived, I really hate Milan there's nothing good anymore here the most boring and ugly city ever!
Don't ou hate city noises??!
I'm gonna buy some magazines and try to relax at the park, where the sky in not blue , the trees are not green and people scream..stop it!