I'm here!!

The ones that are following me on Twitter maybe know that yesterday I've been in a car accident, and my Pink Yaris (yes I've a pink, well a champagne pink Yaris !!) is damaged..the back of "her" (my car is a "she" !!) got broken but not in a terrible way.

(here's is, an old pic taken with a mobile)

I'm ok now, even if I was so shocked right after the crash, I've been the whole day at the ER to check my neck and I've to wear a very ugly collar neck for a week..very ugly I've tried to cover it my my favorite Alexander McQueen scarf but it looks weird!! So I'll "enjoy" my week at home watching movies and...nothing more because I can't spent too much time here on my computer or reading, I'll sleep since I suffer from insomnia I'll take some afternoon naps..so Happy Weekend & and keep your seat belt fasten!