Green is the new black

..and so Happy Earth Day, it's finally the 22nd!! So many great comments in my previous post, nice to know that there are many many people that embrace the eco living!! To celebrate the Earth Day there's nothing better than shopping!! Do you remember when a couple of year ago the "I'm not a plastic bag" mania come out and everywhere you'd find "eco" bags, totes, purses..and then nothing anymore!!

I was one of the "lucky" girl that got from 10CorsoComo the Anya Hindmarch bag, actually I've 2 bags, for me and for my mum and we really use the bag for the grocery shopping! I still remember the girls went crazy to get that bag just because it was a new "it bag" but after 2-3 weeks nobody was wearing the bag anymore. I still use that bag and many other reusable bags for my grocery shopping, many stores over here offer their own reusable bags but if you want you own and super cute eco bag you can find a great selection here: ECOBAGS or here BE SMART BE GREEN
I'm in love with classic string bags, and the classic woven bag..perfect for shopping, beach, loundry..

there are so many other reusable products and tons of eco-sites, so you just need to go online or to your store and get a reusable bag to start to help Earth, your wallet (plastic bag are not free!!) and always look cool even at grocery..and if you're coffee addicted get one of these I'm not a paper cup this one is from Urban Outfitters but there're so many other sellers online where you can buy it, how cute is this cup??