I know that I'm not a "normal" person but how can I have an huge diet coke crave at 9.00 am right after eating my breakfast??!! The bad news is that I've no diet coke at home and I don't want to go to the market...well not now it's too early I need to "wake up" that takes me about 2 hours!
I'm diet coke with lemon and ice obsessed and I'm trying to detox my body from it so it's about a month that I don't drink coke but now I need it...ok I'm crazy I know but I guess to crave diet coke (and btw I hate classic coke I drink just diet coke!!)that other kinda of "coke" ?!! so what's your totally pointless obessions??

(ps buy they cans or glass bottles it's easy to recycle...don't buy plastic bottles coke it tastes bad and it's not eco.friendly at all!)