Have you seen Lestat?

As you maybe know I'm an huge Anne Rice fan, I've read all the Vampire Chronicles novels I adore Lestat and Marius characters which are totally cool as vampire (sorry but I kinda hate that Twilight mania..didn't like movies & books..) . I've seen both movies, Interview with the Vampire and the Queen of the Damned, well if you know the books, the movies are very different; maybe Interview is better but some character were totally off, for example Armand played by Antonio Banders...Armand is supposed to be a young guy from estern europe not a latin man!! Loved the Lestat played by Tom Cruise very funny , cruel and lethal enough and loved Stuart Townsend for the "physical" part he was quite perfect, but totally crap for the acting part , not cruel and ironic at all.

I've read somewhere that Hollywood will remake Interview with the Vampire (did you know that Christian Slater role was for River Phoenix but he died just before shooting it?) but everything is not sure yet. I really hope that they will call Vincent Perez for Marius (PERFECT!)


and find a new Lestat, somebody that as the "phisique du role" and the funny/cruel spirit of Lestat. May I suggest to Hollywood producers my "ideal" Lestat?!!

1 - Christian Bale

2 - Desmond Harrington

3 - Jared Leto

then some Anne Rice vampires could be easly played by Jackson Rathbone (without that weird blond wig of New Moon!) even Robert Pattinson (Armand?!) Hayden Christensen and Jamie Campbell Bower. Do you have any other "vampire" actors suggestions?!

...that was just a great excuse to post handsome guys!!