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In winter the beauty and makeup routine is totally different, I live in a cold weather that is very humid and dirty, our skin here is quite always dry and makeup last for very few hours so you need to touch it up and remosturize the skin few times (face hands legs..).
I use for my face so many different "potions" it depends on my face in the morning , my mood and weather, on my eyes I love the Organic Surge range, light and comfy under makeup. I adore the new KIKO (it's now available for wordwide shopping) skin range, the textures are very very light and not greasy but the moisturize result is great. I mix my daily cream with Eyeko 3 in 1 cream, it gives a shimmer touch and my skin looks healty and fresh (try it it's worth it!) .During the day sometimes I feel my skin oily so I use blotting paper from Muji very cheap and great quality, or if you don't have any and you need to fresh up your face pour some loose powder into your hands and slighly apply it on your face,your make up will last more and ther face will look fresh, or if you don't have any make up just use one kleenex and gently dab on your face to absorb the oil, don't rub just press gently then if ou want a dewy fresh look. I always carry with me pressed powder I need to control my make up but I don't apply it with sponge but with a large soft brush it gives the same result that you have with loose powder. Powder is great to boost your eyelashes too, before applying your mascara put some loose powder on your eyelashes then apply your mascara, your eyelashes will look fuller and longer, just a little tip, use your old mascara brush to do it.
Brushes are essensial in make up routine to blend , define etc, invest in few good ones, I’ve since I '98 or '99 MAC and Shu Emura brushes that are still good, I always buy cheap applicator for my purse makeup bag you aways need few good brushhes to make a good make up! ELF has great ones and the price is amazing and cruelty free!!

(latest obsession Chanel Noirs Obscures)

Don’t fake your tan in winter too much (unless you live in a sunny place!) winter is a season were you can wear all your dark shades and your natural skin tone, it’s awful when I see red/orangy faces with tons of bronzer and white hands and neck, they looks like an humpaloompa or a melted cheesecake!! I’m very pale and I love it, in a “white” sheet you can use all the colors you like!
here's my 5 minutes make up if you’re in a hurry and you need a glowing look, mix your tint mosturizer (normal one is ok too) with a shimmer cream or powder (not too much..) work it well on your face; if you like mat finish with a large soft brush mix some loose powder and a tiny tiny tiny bronzer (very tiny!) , brush face neck ears , apply a cream shadow or primer ( I love Lemon Aid by Benefit) in a tone that is a little bit lighter than yours, again not too much then if you like shimmer add in the inner corner and under the high bridge of your eyebrow a “dot” of a shimmering white/ivory shadow or pencil it’s ok ( I use Cargo reverse lipliner or loose shimmering powder) , curl your lashes and add your fav mascara (Rimmel Sexy Curves is my fav when I’m in hurry!) , don’t wear it on the lower lashes. I use in the waterline Cargo reversal lip liner or a ivory/beige (not white) liner to bright up my eyes in a second.
The “secret” to have a glowy look is the blush, it depends on your skin tone but a warm coral/peach (again Cargo has awesome colors, BarryM Benefit Coralista and ELF too) works great on everyone, so apply it very lightly and gently to contour your jaws then on the apple of your cheeks apply it with little round movement , again if you want to shine add some shimmering powder to your brush before applying blusher, use your fav natural lipgloss (natural tones) et violĂ ! It really takes 5 minutes, it’s weareable for many occasions and looks great on everyone, you can look great without too much makeup and you need few products to realize it. My must have is a multi wear pencil like the Cargo ones or Benefit , an instant volume mascara (Rimmel or HR Feline All Blacks) , shimmering multipurpose powder an extra good mosturizer and a glowy blush, you can make it without using brushed but just with your finger by using creamy textures.
Less is more when it comes to make up, even if you want to make a “drag queen” make up start with less products then if you need more apply it, don’t over do it, I think that there’s nothing less feminine and sexy that “mask make ups” , makeup should be wereable and pull off your natural beauty, it’s ok sometimes to wear strong looks but always with a goob balance.
And most important always remove your make up!!!!!!!! It could sound silly but belive me I still know girls that don’t remove their makeup or wash face…people that use wipes and nothing else, ok that less is more but nothing is a mess!!!! I always remove my make up , even if it’s 4 am and I’m very tired I must do it, all those chemical stuff on my face plus city dirt plus greasy hands…disgusting! So it’s almost done, just few tips that you try for free, for hard and longer nails , soft hands and cuticoles try extra virgin olive oil, pour few drops on your nails/hands and massage it for a while (10-15 minutes) do it for 2 weeks and see the amazing result (you can even sleep with it on your hards it’s better) . I always carry with me an old coral/pinky lipstick to retouch my blush, it’s quite hard to use classic blush with brush everywhere but a lipstick will do the same without mess and will last more and you can use it on your lips too; if you don’t have your fav scrub use sugar, if you have sensitive skin mix it to your cleanser or a plain yogurt and work on your face then wash it with warm water, don’t use salt, it will burn and irritate your skin, and it's a great lip scrub too.
So what’re your beauty must haves? Tips? Obsessions? Multi purpose products that save your life? Share with us!

Winter Inspiration

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Can't live without

Tom Ford White Patchouli
Makeup Forver Aqua Creamliner
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
Cargo Lip Liner
Kiko nail polishes and lipglosses
Barry M blushes
ELF mineral Booster Powder
Elf Sage eyeshadow
MAC Carbon
Sephora Glitters

PS if you like makeup tutorials check Pixiwoo on youtube they're the best!!