The lucky winners are..

Hi everybody, I've been away for few days , here in Milan is too hot, it's impossible to stay at home with this heat and it's more impossible to seat at my desk with pc on; too hot & too humid perfect weather to be poolside or sit under a tree in the park. I'm ready to announce the 4 winners of the giveaways. I need to thank all of you, so many comments and lots of new friends, I hope you'll keep reading this blog I'll do my best to write nice stuff!! The winners are:

  1. Twilight Bella Jacket - The Demille's
  2. Necklace - drollgirl
  3. Bracelets - CaraMia Hippie Couture
  4. GirlFlowers Hair Clip - Renée

Congrats to winners!!

Now I've to read and reply to all the lovely comments, how many wow I'm so happy!! Some news will come in the next days I just hope that my old and tired pc won't crash so often , it takes me ages to write a post or to visit your blogs!! Besos