Earth Fire Sky Water & Moyna Clutch Giveaway!!

First of all I'm very pround to announce the opening of my Etsy shop : fairykikka , it's brand new, and I'm working on the pieces to add, so please visit my new "baby" and tell me what do you think..I'll add more items this weekend, it's absolutely impossible to find free time for blogging, etsy, job hunting, house hunting etc etc I'm doing my best to be everywhere!! If you need any info or custom orders just send me a message I'll reply ASAP :

I was reading a local magazine and I took the inspiration for this post and since I love my readers very very much I give to all of you another opportunity thanx to to win a MOYNA HANDBAGS clutch.
You can choose your prize between those two amazing MOYNA clutches:

so the winner can pick his/her favourite...too cool!!!
I simply adore those clutches they're so funny and cool and finally something new!! This time more rules to enter...but you'll find them at the end of the post.
so why Earth Fire Sky Water?? here the answers:


Love the ethno chic MOYNA clutch with Blank Jeans short..perfect earth colors!!


the MOYNA clutch is gorgeous!!


I need a one-shoulder dress and this from chickdowtown is very hot, love the small MOYNA purse so cute!!


The flipflops are great, will work on so mmany outfits, the dress is very pretty and the small MOYNA coin purse is adorable I want it! (all the pics are from

I love chickdowntown they have so many items and many many brands that are very hard to find in other stores, and prices are amazing too..if you want to have exclusive info on giveaways & more you just need to be a fan on Facebook
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Ok so to enter this new amazing giveaway the rules are:

- To enter you must be either a Facebook Fan OR follow Amy on Twitter.
- Leave a comment and tell me why you like MOYNA bags and the kind of outfit you'd choose to wear it.
- Leave a comment (be sure to leave your email if you don't have a blog account)
- If you are one of my followers or if you start to follow me just leave a comment and let me know that.
- If you repost this giveaway on your blog , Twitter or Facebook, come back and leave a comment with the link, my Twitter is : fairykikka
- Leave a comment and tell me which is your favourite post of my blog or your favourite items of my Etsy shop
- Add the MY WAY button to your page come back and leave a comment.

The Giveaway is open to everybody, international readers too (cool!!) and it will end on the next 14th of July at 11.30 pm (Italy time)..GOOD LUCK!!