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I couldn't sleep at all , the weather is a real nightmare here, past days hot humid sunny , last night and this morning is winter!! A "wild" storm with an insane wind and lots of rain now, where's July??!! I hope you're having better days, here is a totally crap. I'm so honored to receive another "One Lovely Blog" award by A Life Filled with Colour...

Check her blog and the Etsy shop too , it's one of the shops featured in the Tropical Punch!! Thank you very very much for this award, I'd love to share it with:

I'd love to gve the MY AWARD too, so this time my picks are:

Federica @ Sweet as a Candy gave me the Honest Scarp award , the rules are easy I must reveal 10 unknown facts about myself and then I can claim the award!! Thank you very much Federica!!
Here’s my 10 things:

1. I’m scared of tomatoes. I just hate them they stink and taste awful and I know they can feel my fear!!
2. I rather prefer animals than humans. Humans are evil sick mad and disgusting.
3. I hate to answer and talk to mobile phone. I don’t understand why there’s this need to be available every seconds. I use my mobile for emrgency call or text messages.
4. I’m not a family girl . I love my parents but I can’t stand them and the less time I spend with them is better, we’re like a bunch of people that shares something, not a normal family!
5. I’ve always forgave the asshole boyfriends while I’ve been very very bad with the only guy who was very nice and really loved me..don’t know why and I’m not sorry for it.
6. It’s impossible for me to remember names dates numbers but I can remember pointless thing like movie quotes.
7. I don’t belive in politic, I’ve my ideas that are very “uncommon” but I hate Italian politicians, they’re always the same old people that don’t care about our country .
8. I drink only tap water and people look at me like an alien because I don’t buy and waste money on “plastic water”.
9. I still can’t watch anything related to the 11th september 2001 , if it happens I can’t stop crying it’s sometjhing that has changed my life very much and it was the only time that I was scared and hopeless in my life, it was the only time that I’ve seen my dad crying and be “human” the only time that I really felt the pain of other people , the only time I tought that our lives were over.
10. I hate racism in Italy against people of the same country. People from north hate south italian, but they love to spend their holidays in Sicily , Capri etc. I live in north since 1998 and I still feel hate agains us from south, awful and disgusting it’s a shame..we’re all italians or not?

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Another tag, my bf in Facebook tagged me on this movie test. You must answer to the question with a movie that you’ve seen, and you're all tagged!!

1. Are you a boy or a girl? Girl, Interrupted
2. Describe yourself : Easy Rider
3. What feel people when they’re with you? Catch me if you can
4. Describe your previous relationship: Dangerous Liaisons
5. Describe your relationship: Psycho
6. Where you would like to be? The Island
7. How do you feel about love? High Fidelity
8. How is your life? The neverending story
9. What you’d ask if you have one wish? Happy go lucky
10. Say something wise… Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
11. Music : Moulin Rouge
12. Who or what your fear? Natural Born Killers
13. A regret? Rebel Without a Cause
14. Give an advice to younger people: Say Anything
15. Something to avoid: The Devil's Advocate