Game over..

Yesterday has been one of the hardest and toughest day of my life and of course a very sad frustrating angry day, it was the day I was waiting for a long to know how my future could change and I've "lost" , I'm exausted and mad because I can't do nothing to change things and it's not my fault..I don't know wath's next and I don't want to know. I'm a positive and realistic person and I know that probably a kinda miracle could change this situation and my "positive" feelings are going down the drain..I need to say an huge THANK YOU to all the person on twitter fb etc that yesterday have tried to cheer me up, tnx a lot I really need it.
For the 100000 time in my life I've been slapped hard in my face and I've understand that bad people always wins, unfortunatly there isn't Batman or Superman to save us.
So even if is sad and it's not me I won't dream anymore, I didn't want fame money glory etc but just my rights and my life back..well I'm sorry for this post but I'm not in the right mood for a different one..Have a great weekend, have fun, go out, make love and please never ever make war..Peace