Etsy finds: prints & postcards!!

As announced before I'm very glad to introduce you 2 Etsy finds, Dolce Chic and Mynameissmith's.
Dolce Chic is owned by Candi, she has a lovely blog too Candace Rose , you must check it, there're so many fabulous photos of flowers and nature. Candi got into photography about a year ago, and recently she opened her Etsy shop at the end of December 2008 .
"Most of the photos are of flowers from my mum's garden. I find most of my inspiration from around the house" Candi
Candi loved the idea to give to all of my reader the opportunity to get 10% off to 8.5 x 11 sized prints, all you need to do is to type "10carlotta" when ordering her beautiful what are you waiting for?!
I find her prints very romantic, colors are vivid and bright that you can almost feel the smell of the flowers!! It's hard for me to pick few photos, here's a sample of her work some of my favourites:

(All the images are from Dolce Chic Thanx to Candi)

My other find is mynameissmith , a postcard shop owned by Sara, yes postcards!! I love sending postcards when I'm travelling or just for fun to my friends, and with the internet it's really hard to see someone sending real postcards!! Sara has a blog too Blondie-Lox lots of photos and beautiful finds!!
Her postcards are very beautiful inspired and funny and perfect for many different occasion or just to say Hello to a friend in an old fashioned way. I've asked Sara to introduce us in to her works:

"when's the last time you wrote someone a letter? with e-mail, facebook, texting, phone calls, who ever receives anything fun through snail mail anymore?? it's just bills, and "vote ___ for mayor" flyers, advertisements, sunday circulars.... whenever i go to the mail & i see a letter or postcard with a friends handwriting on it - you better believe it's been read before i even get back inside; it's just so exciting!
when i think back to all of the apartments i've lived in, almost all of them were partially decorated with postcards on the walls. i would go to the bookstore & every time i would leave with a postcard. i'd buy that blue tacky stuff - and make gallery walls ;).
when you send a postcard, they're kept, hopefully. they're stuck on a fridge, in a cubicle, by a nightstand, sometimes they're used as bookmarks, they're hung above sweet little doggy's bowls... they add inspiration in everyday life through affordable, tangible, sensibly sized art; with a friends handwriting & sweet personal note on the back.
I obviously think postcards are the bomb! & that's why i started doing this. it was a way to take my photography & postcard passion > & spread around the love in an affordable, fun, casual way. i hope you enjoy!

*postcard power*

{for anyone that is sent my way through carlotta's lovely blog gets an additional $2 off. please convo me - and i'll re-price the postcard pack of your choice & reserved it for you to purchase! this includes customized packs! just let me know the ones you like & i'll bunch 'em together - if you want one of each > hey, go for it... i'm down!}
thank so much carlotta - this girls got taste!! ;) *thanks* :) " Sara

here a little selection of my favourite Mynameissmith's postcards:

(all the images are from mynameissmith thanx to Sara)

I really hope that you'll love as much as I do those amazing shops, I love handmade, my mum is a pottery artisan so I know very well how important is the support for them and how important they are for us!!
As I said in my previous post, if you have an Etsy shop or if you know a nice shop that deserve a little spotlight let me know..and buy handmade!!