I'm a bad person..and I'm not sorry!

I'm so damn bored today at work, I'd kill for being out of this place and I've to share my room (thank God just for today!) with an useless idiot that won't stop talking , gosh I hate this day! I'm preteting to be very very very busy and I'm writing everything like replies to every single stupid email I'm getting, (if he dosen't see me typing he starts to talk...help!) , how long this torture will last?
why sometimes people thinks that their personal issues are so important or interesting and want to share with everybody??? why??? I don't I never ever talk about me if I want to do it I call a friend or blog it :)) I know that I can sound very snob but c'mon who the hell cares about you?? (well not YOU but them!) this is maybe one my dark side, I hate really hate when people starts to talk to me if I don't know them I don't care and I don't listen, I know that I must be more friendly but I can't sorry I can't call me bitch snob or whatever but I hate it..I hate it..and I hate to be stucked here.
other things about me that makes me an horrible person?

-I adore babies and childrens but for 15 minutes not more please and when they start crying or run everywhere they makes me feel sick, but most of all I hate those woman that talk only about their babies.. diapers vomits breast feeding pleaseeeee give us a break!
-if you are dressed like a refugee or an alien don't ask me how do you look..I can't lie!! if you are wearing a long jeans skirt (why they sell long jeans skirt?????) with cowboy boots and a vneck jumper don't ask if you know my answer..
- when I don't answer to my phone maybe I'm busy or just I can't do it..so don't call every 2 mins and send me text messages..why people don't get it?? and most of the times are to tell you nothing..when this happens I'm very pissed and belive me I do show that I am.
- ok this make me the superbad of the year....I can't stand old people..................................... I'm sorry but , ok I'm not sorry I hate to find old people everywhere, driving at supermarket, post office, doctor, gosh they are everywhere expecially if you are in a hurry..don't they? sometimes I 've the feeling that the govern ask them to make fake lines just to piss us off. I've won a very not nice award on FB for the meanest comment about old people..
-after a bad broken up with an ex boyfriend I told to a common friend all the shits my ex used to tell about him..they had a terrible fight after this very bad fight that started a chain reaction and we found out that my bastard ex boyfriend used to tell shits on almost everybody, well he still don't know that I did it..
I'll burn in hell I know that's for sure but at least I'll be in good company and will have fun, down there they know how to party!