Vogue UK October 2009 – Sienna

I’ve just spotted Sienna on the cover of Vogue UK and I can’t wait to get my copy now..I’ve a confession to make: I adore Sienna Miller!! I still remember the first time I saw her in some pics from the Glastonbury festival, such a beauty with a great style!! I’ve always followed her style changes on TheFashionSpot forums or other sources, the “Kate Vs Sienna” war , the Jude era (was my fav..they should be back!) , the Edie cut..She had a weird period after the Rhys brokeup, I didn’t like her style, but she always my top 3 fashion icon. I felt in love with her signature Balenciaga , the messy hair , new boho style, she has always managed to have a killer style but without trying “too much” , like Kate Moss they are born to be like that, they’re so many celeb that have a great boho style but you can see that it’s a stylist outfit not so fresh like Sienna. I don’t want to discuss her personal life, I just love her as a style icon and I’ve to say that she made a great job in Alfie (looooove it!!) and Factory Girl too. I miss old days back in 2004-2005 when she was so inspiring and new , they only bad thing was the large amount of copycats everywhere!! I’ll always take some from her style , thanks to Sienna we can wear “boho” everyday without looking weird or “too hippie”!! There’re many many pics of her that I adore so I’ll share with you few of my top favs, like the Matthew Williamson photoshot or some candids


(pics http://www.sienna-miller.org)