Spigno Vs. Milano 1-0

What a weird day..I'm back blogging for few minutes, here as I said before I don't have any connection so it's an adventure to log and blog!! I'm in a very bad mood today, in 3 days I'll leave Spigno Saturnia, the place that I love so much and where I hope I'll spend the rest of my life and I'll go back to Milan. I really don't want to go back "home" I don't feel at home there anymore, my heart belong here, I don't want to have a "grey" life anymore, don't care about money, stupid jobs, fake people and too much noises everywhere. This place is totally surronded by nature, animals, trees, flowers, gorgeous fresh smells, really into the wild. People are genuine and caring they know me since I was 2 and every time I'm back here I can really feel love and care. I've been lucky the weather has been gorgeous , very sunny but never hot, in the past 3 days it's non-stop rain and don't help my mood. the beach was amazing, just 3-4 people .. everything has been simply PERFECT!! Don't get me wrong , but if I'll die tomorrow I'll die "happy", not the same if that would happen at home!! Anyway I'm still looking for a job here , no news now, but I won't give up, in 3-4 months at least I'll be here I know. Never give up to your dreams and if you're lucky to live by the sea or in the wild nature don't make the huge mistake to leave it and move to a grey cold place..please don't!
As announced in my previous post the next 21st of september I'll pick a winner for the "End of Summer" giveaway, hurry up!! Together with the winner a new giveaway will be announced..all I can say is that you can't miss it if you want a gorgeous skin!
Gotta go now, I want to enjoy the last days in heaven and don't think about Milan, my job and all those annoyng people stuff and situations.
Few pics from here, as always I forgot my camera so I took some pics from my phone, my sis has more pics I'll post them soon :))
Have fun stay safe & Peace!!


(my sis!)