Winter Wish List

Ok the tan is washing out, the weather is a crap so I need an autumn/winter makeover for my wardrobe!!
I was just surfin' on Zalando, gosh I got an heart attack so many gorgeous things to buy!!!
First of all shoes shoes shoes , I'm in love with some Fornarina , don't you love them??

Fornarina makes some poerfect jeans, great fit and gorgeous look, the flower blouse is amazing with jeans and rock boots of for a romantic look with the green blazer!

and what about the perfect duffle coat by Tommy Hilfiger?? Adore it!!!A must have for winter cold..I need!!

Cardigan, preppy dress and oxford...perfection!! all by Tommy Hilfiger..comfy & chic!

So much to buy from Zalando, I need to say shopping I'm comin!!