Is Grunge Dead?!

...the answer is no!! From catwalks to fashion editorials to streel style grunge or new grunge is still on, plaid shirts, boots, messy hair, chunky jewels, so inspiring and the perfect combination of rock& fashion that I adore. I'm very "grunge" in the last weeks is what I feel omre comfortable and good on me to match my style and my self. I was a kid in the 90's and I loved my Dr.Martens , jeans mini skirt and ripped tights, even more because I loved the music ( I grow up with rock in every "shades"..) and because I used to attend to a catholic school were we had to wear a stupid navy-blue uniform , so the rebel in me loved the trend of rip jeans tights shirts, skulls everywhere , rock bands tees (that my dad stole from me for the concerts!!) and tons of jewelery that at school I couldn't wear. Just yesterday I've watched one "iconic" 90's movie, Singles, with Matt Dillon, Bridget Fonda and Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell the Alice in must watch it it's such a great movie and so much inspiration!!

That's the best 90's song (IMO) from Singles performed by the best 90's grunge band ever, the Alice in Chains : Would?

RIP Layne Staley

That's some of my fav "new grunge" items from Asos, I've bought some of them, waiting for my Xmas list to get the others!!

and my inspiration pics